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Vision, Mission & Core Values

SN College

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

To deliver balanced transformative education to all students irrespective of caste, creed or gender so as

  • to equip them with skills and competencies required to adapt to the changing global scenario,
  • to empower them to live in dignity & harmony with fellow beings and environment,
  • to involve in nation building activities upholding traditional morals and values,
  • to foster the spirit of enquiry and encourage critical thinking and research,
  • to mould a society with realistic perspective and rational mind.

Our Vision

To create an egalitarian & humanistic society by educating the youth in order to transform them to intellectually stimulated, emotionally strong and socially oriented global citizens as embodied in the teachings of Sree Narayana Guru:
“Seek Freedom and Enlightenment through Education”.

Core Values (ESSENCE)

The Institution seeks to provide, nurture and promote The Core Values acronomized as ESSENCE:


The faculty consistently strive to modernise the academic content and augment it with technological support. Quality standards are strictly maintained. Students are trained in keeping academic and professional excellence.

Skill Development

Co-curricular and Skill Development Programmes are arranged to develop leadership and to promote entrepreneurial, organizational, technological and life skills in students.

Social Commitment

Education is planned to encourage the students to be involved in nation building activities. They should be socially-accountable. They must be sensitive to ecological concerns, gender equity, human rights, social justice, inclusiveness and able to cultivate a wider perspective about the world.


It is necessary that education should strengthen the process of making the students stronger and more confident, in fulfilling responsibilities and claiming rights. It enables them to recognize and use their resources.

Nobility of Character

Education which does not mould character is absolutely worthless. Self-discipline, with ethics and values will equip them to live in dignity & harmony with fellow beings and environment. They must cultivate an appreciation and respect for the cultural heritage of the country.


The institution is set to secure the future of students by linking individual performance to professional goals. Global competency is ensured by giving adequate exposure to be successful in a highly competitive employment scenario.


The Institution is committed to be equitable in giving access, opportunity, ensuring quality higher education, especially to the backward, the women and the marginalized people. The thrust is on inclusiveness, integrity, and the promotion of equality and social justice.